Outrage To Change

“Speak Truth. Hear Truth. See Truth.”

My art installation for “Outrage to Change” on display in the window of Della Viti in Downtown Ames. (July – September 2020).

The Inspiration

I created this art piece in response to the racial tensions in this country that lit a flame anew after the murder of George Floyd. It breaks my heart to see such hatred towards others in this country and beyond. The real challenge was to turn our outrage to change.

Our differences are what make us stronger and our past is not a reflection of our future. I felt that I needed to speak up in some way. I needed to get outside of myself and do something on a larger scale that couldn’t be ignored. I needed to shine a light in the darkness.

The Meaning

If each and every one of us would stop and remove the blindfolds from our eyes and ears, and listen and truly see one another, maybe then we can begin to understand and show love for others who are not like us.

It is my hope that we start having true face to face conversation. The color of one’s skin does not determine their thoughts, motives, abilities, hopes or dreams. On the inside we are all made of the same. One heartbeat at a time we live.

The Community

Friends and family from all around the United States hand-cut, glued, delivered, and in some cases mailed each of the silhouettes of people that you see added in front of and on the back of the the larger men. Though each silhouette has a different skin color they all have a heart that shines bright. Below are some pictures of some of the people who have made this possible. I could not have done this without them.

A Voice From The Community

It’s hard to admit that my most frequent experiences with racism & prejudice happen from within my family… Every time someone I love mocks someone like me—who WANTS to understand, who WANTS to contribute to change, and who actively educates themselves to gain new perspective— as the “Suddenly Enlightened,” it makes my heart hurt.

We hate what we fear, and we fear what we don’t understand… So the only way to conquer hate and fear is through knowledge.

My biggest hope for the future is that people can learn to look at the world with empathy. Because the day people are able to acknowledge new ideas by looking through someone else’s eyes & experiences, they’ll no longer be able to dismiss the existence of things like racial injustice.

I also hope that the pursuit of knowledge will become a lifelong endeavor for all… Because being able to approach the unknown with an open heart instead of blind fear is the first step toward true societal change.

by Jennifer Braddy
Business Owner of – A Digital Marketing & Direct Response agency in Clayton, NC
Originally from NY but raised in South Florida

The Process

The faces in the art piece are made up of thousands of hand ripped pieces of paper each of which were glued onto a custom-built cardboard base. It took many days and long hours. I needed help from each member of my immediate family. I was planning and re-planning. Overall, it took love and sacrifice to complete this visual message. I am grateful for the opportunity to speak to the world through art. This is what it took to turn my outrage to change.

Special Thanks

Thank you @octagon_arts for your heart in putting together this “Outrage to Change” event and giving black artists an opportunity to speak through art.

Thank you @dellaviti_ames for giving this art creation a place to showcase. It has been such a wonderful experience getting to know you and I’m truly grateful for your support.

And ultimately, a big thanks to my family and friends who were willing to help in the creation of this piece. I love you all and cannot thank you enough.