What I’m Doing Now

Here’s a little glimpse into what I’m doing now. It helps to keep me focused and accountable in my art. And it’s my way of sharing my goals, vision, and aspirations with you.

My Thoughts

I’ve been taking it easy up until now. I’ve only exposed my art sparingly at local shows in the fall and then at a few times on social media. Why?

Well, I’m aware that things can take off fast and it’s my way of slowing things down and giving myself time to continue to figure out who I am as an artist.

I don’t just want to create what I think people will like. I want to create the type of art that I’ve been longing to find and what I’d like to place on my own walls in my home. It’s important to me that my art comes from a place deep below the surface and has some sort of meaning. In the end I’d hope that the right person will see my art and connect with it in their own way.

My Actions

In my work I’ve been playing around with Arduino lately. I’ve always wanted to use mechanics to make my art move. Automatons are in my future and this seems like a good way to get started on that.

My Goals

I’m ready to showcase my art in galleries. If you own/work for a gallery or know of someone who does I’d love to hear from you. (Hey, you never know, so I figured I’d mention it.)

Know of any good books or tips related to anything that I’ve mentioned? Shoot me a message at anytime >