Winner of the Octagon Art Festival Booth Award

“You need to come back now.” Fearful that something was terribly wrong, I ran back as fast as I could. I rounded the corner of my tent, gasping for air, but I wasn’t met with the doom of my imagination… instead I was met by the coordinator of the show and a photographer?

I was chosen as 1 of the top 4 artists for Best In Show!!! The jurors of the Octagon Arts Festival chose me out of around 100 other artists. I was completely taken by surprise. So much so that I actually had to go back and ask the coordinator to explain to me again what I had won.
I couldn’t be more grateful. My husband, Mother-in-law, and kids have been so supportive of me and there is no way that I could do what I do without them.

Here’s to many more opportunities to keep doing what I absolutely love and sharing it with the world.

Lesson Learned: You never know when it’ll be your time to shine. Always be ready.

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